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Gwanza arts is a non-profit making organisation which caters for the development and promotion of photography and photographers in Zimbabwe. Formed in 2002, Gwanza has been at the heart of development of photography in Zimbabwe. The main and major event for Gwanza is the Zimbabwe Month of Photography which is mounted annually, occupying the whole exhibition space in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.  Since 2002 Gwanza month of Photography has developed tremendously to include works by international artist and has seen international curators coming to take part in the exhibitions. Gwanza conducts photography workshops for both adults and children.


To promote the development of photography locally and internationally.


To be committed to the development of contemporary photography by taking advantage of the transition of societies, diverse development of cultures and abundant creativity and to establish academic platforms for the discussion and criticism of photography.


  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Development and diversity

    On duty :Gwanza 2012


1. To empower photographers with photographic skills and information.

2. To provide a platform for photographers for enhanced interaction.

3.To showcase the work / pictures of photographers in Zimbabwe to create visibility.

4.To be committed to producing the annual exhibition of the Zimbabwe month of photography.

5.To create opportunities for the local photographers internationally through exchange programs, residencies and exhibitions.


  • Zimbabwe Month of Photography annual exhibition
  • Panels of discussion which will be facilitated by local and international photographers.
  • Workshops to be carried out in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo, focusing on excellent photographs, discussing purposes of pictures in society i.e. press photo, documentation etc, and development concepts of photos. These workshops will be open to interested parties who want to take up photography. Through these photographers are empowered to embark on high quality photographic projects and engage with clients more meaningfully and ensure quality submissions for the Zimbabwe Month of Photography show.
  • Presentations and exhibitions
  • Residences
  • Photographers and writers workshops – this will seek to address the problems of “interpretation”, how to read a photograph, to interpret the messages, visual skills of seeing better.

Target market

  • Park and street photographers
  • Curators, collectors and writers
  • Amateur and emerging photographers
  • Nancy Mteki: Gwanza 2011


  • Since its inception Gwanza has conducted over 30 workshops.
  • Every year Gwanza has hosted the annual exhibition of the Zimbabwe Month of Photography.
  • Photographers who have participated on Gwanza activities are winning regional and international awards.
  • Gwanza as an organisation has forged beneficial partnerships with regional and international photographic organisations.

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